PART NO. Tube O.D.NPTFAction
PMC0402 1/4"tube 1/8"NPTFAdd to cart
PMC0404 1/4"tube 1/4"NPTFAdd to cart
PMC0604 3/8"tube 1/4"NPTFAdd to cart
PMC06063/8"tube 3/8"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC0102 5/32"tube 1/8"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC0104 5/32"tube 1/4"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC0302 3/16"tube 1/8"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC0402 1/4"tube 1/8"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC0404 1/4"tube 1/4"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC0406 1/4"tube 3/8"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC0407 1/4"tube 1/2"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC0502 5/16"tube 1/8"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC0504 5/16"tube 3/8"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC0506 5/16"tube 3/8"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC0602 3/8"tube 1/8"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC0604 3/8"tube 1/4"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC0606 3/8"tube 3/8"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC06073/8"tube 1/2"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC07061/2"tube3/8"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC07071/2"tube 1/2"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC0806 5/8"tube 3/8"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC08075/8"tube 1/2"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC10097/8"tube3/4"NPTFAdd to cart
AMC10117/8"tube 1"NPTFAdd to cart